Saturday, December 29, 2007

The ruby adventure begins

Today is the day that learning Ruby begins. Coming from a .NET C# web dev experience I am looking to learn how to use ruby and more specifically ruby on rails. This blog will describe and document my experiences and learning curves as I go.

Today I have been learning the ruby syntax to start with, using it is a very very simplistic way to start but when learning a new language it is nice to start off nice and easy.

I know hash tables and stuff are in C# but ilve never actually used them really, so using them in ruby will be new and exciting.

friend = {
"first name" => "Jeffrey",
"last name" => "Biggs",
"address" => "34 Airport Rd",
"city" => "Toronto",
"province" => "Ontario"

friend.each do |key, value|
puts key + " => " + value


city => Toronto
last name => Biggs
country => Canada
province => Ontario
address => 34 Airport Rd
first name => Jeffrey

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