Sunday, January 6, 2008

Netbeans the go for Ruby on Rails

Netbeans 6.0 is by far the best (free) windows Ruby on Rails IDE ilve come across, I did try RoRed and a few other ones but Netbeans is the best. It is still a bit clunky but after doing almost all my dev work previously in Visual Studio it is like working with lightning. I recommend it to anyone looking to get started in ROR but maybe not in a full scale production environment.


tor said...

Hi Andrew,
Thanks - I work on the NetBeans Ruby team. Can you tell us a bit about what you found clunky such that we can try to address that?


-- Tor

Andrew said...

I think the main problem was the indexing of the files when you first loaded. Also the time it takes to load the intellisense window makes it pretty annoying to use aswell. And another thing was that when I downloaded netbeans 6 for the first time a couple of weeks ago the interface didn't support the new 2.0 version of ruby on rails (eg the generate scaffold window), I suggest maybe working closer with the ROR devs to ensure you have a release that can be used with the new versions of ror straight away. (However I understand how much work that would be and it is only a suggestion, I am not criticizing you guys in anyway), This will also help to kill any competition from other vendors. Anyway I thank you for your work on the netbeans ruby team and I think you guys are doing a brilliant job.

tor said...

Thanks for your feedback Andrew. NetBeans 6.0 shipped before Rails 2.0 shipped. I've fixed these issues in the 6.1 dev builds so if you're using Rails 2 you may want to try it (though it's a dev build).

We'll be looking at the performance issues for NetBeans 6.1 as well, it's the main focus of the overall release.

Andrew said...

Its nice to hear that Tor, I have tested out the 6.1 dev build but it crashed within about 30 seconds of starting. So i just went back to 6.0 and used the command line generator and that works ok for me. Thanks for taking the time to read the blog and ill be awaiting the release of 6.1 :-)

tor said...

Crashed? You mean the IDE process crashed (which is pretty unusual; make sure you're running with the latest version of Java 6 update) and that your system is fully patched.

If it's an IDE crash in terms of a deadlock or exceptions being thrown, it would be great if you could share the info in the form of a bug report (see link in my first comment for a page which lists the issue tracker URL and category).

Andrew said...

Yeah ilve been meaning to get the exception and to submit a bug but i just haven't had the time recently. Ill try and get to it later tonight. It could be that I haven't got the correct version of java though, I just havnt had a chance to investigate it yet.