Monday, May 19, 2008

Testing in Browser Versions - IE6, IE7

For us poor web developers who are trying to the right thing and support IE6 and IE7, here is a tool that might make your lives a little easier.

Its IE6 standalone, until I found this tool half the battle was getting both IE6 and IE7 installed on your computer and operating correctly. Now you can upgrade to IE7 if you havn't already and just install this product (download link at the bottom of the page) to get IE6 aswell. If your looking for IE5 or even earlier, this product goes back to about IE3 i think... the mind boggles to think that there might be people still using IE2 but if you have requirements from a customer then you might need it.

Its still painful to test both IE6 and IE7 but sometimes things must be done and at least this way you don't have to play around with virtual machines and that sort of stuff.

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