Wednesday, June 11, 2008

SVN Bus Error - Leopard

Hit on a weird problem tonight. When I went to checkout or export a subversion directory from a web location using the command

svn export [repolocation] [directorytocheckoutto]

I got the following output

bus error

Weird aye? I'm on a Macbook Pro running leopard and I finally worked out that there was a problem with my subversion installation. After reinstallation ( it worked fine.

Anyway just thought ild put it out on the web seeing as I googled for a far while without finding the solution.


Jon said...

Thanks! I have the same problem and will try the instructions you've posted.

Matt said...

(This blog post is old, but since it is the #1 Google result for "svn Bus error" I figured it's worth commenting)

This error can also happen if you switch users often and svn looses track of your default user.

For example: "svn update" will return a "Buss error" message, while "svn update --username " works fine. Afertwards "svn update" will work again without the error.